Joy, the vaccine denying nut jobs are out in town

OK, that was a lot slicker than AWS EKS. Just spun up a minimal k8s cluster on Digital Ocean to test something and it was quick...

Really struggling to search for "how to maintain the DHCP supplied server while running dnsmasq to provide a local wildcard domain for testing" on modern (systemd-resolved) systems

This is because dnsmasq can also be a DHCP server...

Wondering if I'm approaching this the wrong way.

Is there another way to provide a local wildcard hostname mapping (* single IP address) like you can with a single hostname in /etc/hosts on Linux ?

35 to 36 upgrade done, it wouldn't let me jump straight to 37 for some reason so will probably wait a until the Christmas break to do that upgrade

@andysc Assuming you are on the web interface, click the globe symbol under the text box and select "@ Mentioned People Only" to "DM"

Yay! :flowforge:

1.1 is baked to perfection with some tasty new features for you to enjoy!
⭐️ Persistent file storage
⭐️ plugin to easily import projects from anywhere
⭐️ New UI to speed up deployment of projects to edge devices at scale

And breath, production is live with the updates

That happy feeling when your recently changed GitHub Actions run correctly on a production release 🎉

Trying to find a detailed walk through of how , systemd-resolved all work together to handle dhcp provided servers, so I can work out how to safely inject dnsmasq into the mix.

Huge fan of the Reverse Pomodoro (five minutes of work, 25 minutes of lying on my back in existential despair)

Anybody out there found a good client for ? The best hit on npm appears to be abandoned

Do you run or make a service or bot that pipes Twitter account posts here? Did you get consent from the owner of the account? No? Then stop that shit. It's not "helpful".

Really not sure about the onevery. ignorelist. com account that just followed me, going to suspend it for now...

Need to work out how to run pg_dump against my instance before I do the upgrade to 4.0.2

Speaking of which, has anybody seen Chris Dalby (Yellowpark) in these parts?

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Wondering what early (healthy) BirdSite things we could try (and discard if they don't work) here.

e.g. who remembers Fridays?

/cc @andypiper @monkchips

Just tripped my CO2 alarm in the office. Really need to remember to keep the door open

I can't imagine that I'm the only one considering giving the #NodeRED Mastodon node a bit of a revamp. I imagine a lot more people will be swapping it into their flows over the coming months..

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A personal play space, may open up to any family (yeah right...) that are interested